13 Miles South of Hanford, CA

1 Load / 87 Angus Holstein Steer Calves / Base weighed at 550 pounds, slide at $1.00 over or under base weight.

Inforce 3, Autogenous Vaccine Dry Cow (x2), Salmonella (x3), Pinkeye Vaccine (x2), Pryamid 10

Oat Hay, Grape Pomace, Wheat Silage, Whey, Distillers, Minerals, Millrun, Rolled Corn
550 pounds.
$1 over or under Base Wt.

Early morning gather, load on buyer trucks, weighed on certified truck scale. FOB. Brand Inspection and Health Papers furnished by Seller.

100% Holstein Cows, All Grimmius Angus
FEB 1 - FEB 28, 2023
No Part Payment Due