23501 Fresno-Coalinga Hwy
Five Points, CA 93624

45 Miles SW of Fresno, CA

1 Load / 105 Char/JerseyX Steer & Heifer Calves / Base weighed at 450 pounds, slide at $0.80 over or under base weight. Heifers sell 15 cents back

Titanium 5, TSV-2
Corn, Soy meal, DDH, Mineral, Alfalfa
450 pounds.
$0.8 over or under Base Wt.

Early morning gather, load on buyer trucks, weighed on certified truck scale. FOB. Brand Inspection and Health Papers furnished by Seller. Heifers sell 15 cents back.

All Sired By 2 Bulls - 7CH95, 9CH99, Heifers sell 15 cents back
Sept 1 - Sept 30, 2021
No Part Payment Due