1 Load / 70 Head SimAng/Holstein Steer Calves / Base weighed at 675 pounds, slide at $0.80 over or under base weight. Sold with 2% shrink. Implant.

Iron, BOSE, Calvary 9, Somubac, Once PMH, Na

675 pounds.
$0.8 over or under Base Wt.

Early morning gather, load on buyer trucks, weighed on certified truck scale. FOB. Brand Inspection and Health Papers furnished by Seller. Sold with 2% shrink. Implant

50% ABS InFocus, 50% Select Sire 7SM84, LMF Madison B752, Simmental Angus Bull, Light Grow Ration: Fed to Grow 2.8 lbs a day, Implant: Synovex Calf, No Hospital Milk
Oct 15 - Oct 31, 2021